Creating A Safer Site

There’s nothing more important than making sure we all come home in the same or better condition at the end of the day. Safety is more than e-stops and hi-vis vests; it’s a way of thinking and an important part of the Ashdown-Ingram culture.

Our industry is a dangerous one, with heavy parts, moving components and uncertain environments a regular element of each and every work day.

As technology advances, so do the safety innovations available from brands including Ecco, Hummingbird and Thompson Safety.

Offering more than just parts, we also work closely with customers to create unique safety outcomes such as reduced weight starter motors and LED lighting plans while working with suppliers to bring new safety ideas to life.

The Cost Of Safety

In 2013, work related injuries cost Australian companies $60 billion in 2013 and on average increases by 4.8% each year. Between 2007-2012, 18% of workers compensation claims from employees in the Mining industry were related to being hit by moving objects. Each year around 3,000 workers sustain a serious injury as a result of a vehicle incident.


Ecco Safety Group produce a range of beacons and safety lighting to prevent accidents on site, in warehouses and on the road. Working with Ecco Australia,
Ashdown-Ingram has developed a multi colour LED beacon to improve the safety of industrial, mining and government sites. Fitted with a green and amber LED, the beacon will flash amber during normal operation. Once the vehicle is stationary and the handbrake applied, the amber beacon will cease and the green beacon  will flash. This indicates the vehicle is safer to approach.

Emergency stops save lives each year but there are countless other situations on council, construction, agricultural and mining sites which could’ve been resolved with the use of a wireless e-stop. Thompson Safety has developed a wireless e-stop which allows supervisors to safely shut down equipment from up to 100 metres away. This means workers aren’t entering a safety exclusion zone on fixed or mobile machinery applications, it provides complete control over heavy machinery when live or in training and means your equipment will exceed HSE requirements.

Hummingbird Electronics design innovative products to assist the transport and mining sectors. Among the range are a series of monitors such as dual axis inclinometers to warn drivers of tilt and roll, trip meters, speedometers, battery monitors, silent horns, data loggers and battery monitors. These are all particularly useful on mine sites and off-highway applications, as well as for fleets and transport companies.