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RedArc In-Vehicle Battery Charger

Publish Date: 15/1/2017

RedArc’s In-Vehicle Battery Charger is the latest addition to the ever-growing Ashdown-Ingram product suite.

The charger is the next generation in RedArc’s in-vehicle charging technology with a brand new feature; separate vehicle and solar DC inputs, allowing for simpler installation and providing Green Power Priority.

The unit is able to simultaneously receive charge from both power inputs, however the Green Power Priority function means the unit will always supply maximum power from the solar input prior to supplementing with vehicle input, placing less load on your alternator.

The RedArc In-Vehicle battery charger maximizes the performance and life of your auxiliary battery and is suitable for 12 and 24V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators.

In addition to the same patented charging profiles as its predecessor, the newest in-vehicle charger includes a new Li charging profile which makes the unit suitable for charging AGM, Gel, Standard Lead Acid, Calcium and LiFePO4 batteries.

The RedArc In-Vehicle Battery Charger (BCDC1225D) is available now at your nearest Ashdown-Ingram branch and online via Quantum Pro. For more information, contact your sales rep or visit Quantum Pro.

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