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Great Whites LED Driving Lights Creating a Stir!

Publish Date: 30/3/2012

Great Whites LED Driving Lights launched in March, receiving intense interest from OE manufacturers and Auto Electricians servicing Truck Drivers and Owners, 4x4 Enthusiasts, and more!

Various bull bar manufacturers are keen to start designing around the Great Whites Bar Driving Lights as their flexibility allows them the unique benefit of being able to be mounted at any angle. “The fact that these lights can be mounted vertically on bull bars opens up the opportunities available for truck & 4x4 drivers. No longer are they restricted to round lights placed in front of their radiator grills restricting air flow, they can now place their lights almost anywhere they please” explained Shayne Quaile, Marketing Manager.

“Due to the proliferation of LED work light bars being sold as driving lights, it’s created the perception that LED technology provides very little throw in comparison to HID & Halogen. We can’t stress enough that Great Whites are dedicated LED Driving Lights. This means that they’ve been designed specifically to be driving lights and not work lights.”

Steve Mitchell, Category Manager explains further “When we designed the Great Whites, we wanted to have mass volumes of light from the bumper bar to 400 metres down the road. This is the crucial distance where decisions need to be made to avoid potential hazards.

The perception has always been that driving lights need to throw light as far down the road as they can in order to be of most benefit to the driver. In order to gain this sought after distance effectively, light is concentrated and contained to a single pencil beam, as a result sacrificing the spread of light.

At one lux (the same brightness as a single candle) at 1km, the average person would struggle to identify anything at that distance. When you consider that even a fully loaded (64 tonne) B-Double at 100kph requires 127.1 metres breaking distance to pull up, it’s that immediate 300 – 400 metres that is most relevant for the driver. The kangaroo 1km down the road can hop away well before it is a hindrance to the driver, but the kangaroo 200 metres from the vehicle could easily hop onto the path of that vehicle, necessitating in the driver’s quick response to a potentially fatal obstacle.“

With Recommended Retail Prices ranging from $326 up to $672, with both bars and round LED options, there's a Driving Light to suit every budget! Features include; Latest LED Technology including Integrated Thermal Management and Pulse Width Modulation, 50,000+ Hours Life span, Waterproof up to 3m (IP68 rated), Shockproof & Vibration Dampened (up to 10G), Polycarbonate Lens and more!

Contact your local Ashdown-Ingram branch or visit for more information on the new range of Great Whites LED Driving Lights & Accessories.

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