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CTEK Battery Sense

Publish Date: 1/2/2017

CTEK Battery Sense allows you to track the health of your vehicle’s battery conveniently from your smartphone. The Battery Sense unit connects to your Apple or Android phone via Bluetooth and displays information via the Battery Sense App, available for free download from the App Store.

Battery Sense lets you know when it’s time to charge your vehicle’s battery via push notifications and provides constant updates on the status of the battery including battery health, voltage and temperature, and alerts if the Battery Sense is no longer receiving data from the battery.

Battery health stats can be viewed at any time as the Battery Sense is constantly sending data to your mobile device. You are also able to look at stats from a specific day in the past by zooming in to the required dates on the status graph to obtain easy to read statistics on your battery’s status at any given time.

The app is clear and easy to follow and allows for the synchronization of multiple batteries; simply connect a battery sense to each battery which requires monitoring and the stats of all can be viewed on a single dashboard.

Convenient to use and a clever tool to prolong the life of your battery (and to prevent getting caught out with no charge!), the Ctek Battery Sense is an essential tool in any workshop or home garage. For more information, contact your local Ashdown-Ingram sales representative, or check it out right now on Quantum Pro.

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