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Delco Remy

Delco Remy is a global leader and manufacturer of powerful and durable alternators and starter motors for heavy duty and off highway applications. Their passion and commitment to quality is engineering the future of the vehicle industry.

From high output alternators that withstand the heat of today's engines to the forthcoming 44MT starter technology, Delco Remy is the brand you can trust.

The brand you know and trust for over 100 years



The Delco Remy range of alternators provide reliability and durability for heavy electrical load vehicles.They are OE approved and deliver superior performance that can improve the output of your vehicle.

Ashdown-Ingram are home to Delco Remy's 22SI™, 23SI™, 24SI™, 28SI™, 33SI™, 34SI™, 35SI™ and the 36SI™.

Fuel Efficiency

Increasing alternator efficiency can, and will, measurably reduce fuel costs.
High efficiency alternators translate to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings to the customer.  Remy recognized the opportunity for this fuel savings and made significant improvements in alternator efficiency with the Delco Remy heavy-duty alternator product offering.  The Delco Remy 28SI™ and 36SI™alternators operate with industry-high efficiency ratings from 68% up to 70%.  Typical alternator efficiencies are in the 54%-60% range.

Remote Sense

Remote Sense technology improves battery charge time by 50% and can decrease battery warranty claims by 30%
Remote Sense provides highly accurate voltage readings and optimizes battery state-of-charge resulting in improved efficiency and overall battery life. It maintains 14 volts at the battery by increasing charging voltage at the alternator to compensate for voltage drops.

Remote Sense is ideal for any truck that makes frequent stops including:

  • School buses
  • Trucks with lift gates
  • Delivery trucks 

Remote Sense is a feature available on Delco Remy alternator models: 35SI™,  36SI™, and is standard on the high output alternator 28SI™.

Starter Motors

Delco Remy are a world leader when it comes to heavy duty starter motors. Their range provides quality and durability to the automotive industry.

Over Crank Protection (OCP)

Be protected from thermal damage. OCP technology is a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at a safe operating temperature. OCP protects the starter in adverse starting conditions, such as cold weather cranking, lower battery capacity, high-starting circuit resistance, or operator misuse. OCP is an option available today on 41MT™, 42MT™, 39MT™, and 39MT™ Plus
The newly designed OCP is a self-contained, one-wire design with no additional connections required, completely eliminating the need for a vehicle wiring harness. This design can be found on the new 44MT™ Starter available late 2011.

Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMSS)

The all-new IMSS enhances starter reliability. IMSS (patent pending) is a one-wire design integrated inside the solenoid. Input current is capable of ECM control and protects it from voltage spikes.  IMSS withstands engine temperature up to 120°C/248°F. Due to its integration inside the solenoid, is reduces corrosion from environment and issues caused from vibration.
  • No additional wiring or mounting bracket required
  • Reduced customer wiring harness complexity
  • Removes connections points, reducing corrosion
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